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Our Property Management Services

We are eager to provide an expert and professional property management service and below we have provided a breakdown of our services. We strive to provide optimum occupancy in order to maximise cash flow on the asset whilst also offering tenant satisfaction.

PRTB & Rent Management

  • Negotiate renewal & signing of leases to bring rents in line with market rents to maximize assets.
  • One seamless expert property service that will professionally manage your property.
  • Inspections with follow up reports.
  • Renewal of Part 4 Tenancies where applicable.
  • Collect and forward rents on a monthly basis to a nominated account via EFT.
  • Reconciliation of Rental Income to include monthly reports outlining any deficits and actions taken to resolve.
  • Warning notices, 14 day notices & 28 day notices to comply with requirements of legislation and industry best practice where applicable.
  • PRTB support services including attending PRTB hearings on behalf of a client if there is ever any issue with tenants. This includes following through from the Determination Order stage to Enforcement Proceedings to achieve vacant possession & pursuing tenants for arrears where applicable.
  • Statement of Accounts.
  • Keyholding for all properties.
  • Dealing with any anti-social behavior issues.
  • Dealing with any Management Agent/Tenant related issues.
  • Providing Landlord References to tenants.
  • The expected level of fit-out advice.
  • Review of any compliance issues.

We will deal with any repairs or maintenance issues – through a network of skilled tradespeople – that arise during the tenancy. We will constantly advise on the maintenance of properties to maintain the value of the asset.


  • Carry out prior move out inspection to advise the tenant of any potential issues which may affect their security deposit whilst giving them the opportunity to address any issue.
  • Retrieve the keys from the tenant upon move out.
  • Note relevant utility meter readings and arrange final accounts.
  • Carry out an inspection of the property (noting any visible changes from the initial condition).
  • Photograph the interior of the property if there is any visible damage.
  • Assess the extent of repairs/maintenance work necessary and advise the client accordingly.
  • Calculate the amount, if any, of the “Security Deposit” to be deducted to cover breaches of the tenancy and appraise the Client.
  • Organize cleaning between tenancies.
  • Arrange for the property to be re-let.

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